Please keep me advised of scheduled shows and cancellations in order to have them posted on the website.

Right now , this site is a work in progress,. We will have more news for you shortly. 




Thiis an FYI to all members of the VNA from Thomas Kays. Parry Bragg's and I believe Tom Kay's email was hacked last year and the scammers are emailing people and asking them to buy gift cards in their names. According to Tom Kays , their grammar has improved. Please be very cautious when dealing with your emails and only open those from people that you trust. 

Parry Bragg asked me to pass along this news of the passing of a LIFE MEMBER, Dr. Donald Roberts of Ronoke, Virginia.  Dr. Roberts passed away this summer. He was active in the  VNA as was his father , who was at one time the Editor of The Virginia Numismatist.Our sympathies go out to his family at his passing. 


President's message from  Parry Bragg:

Well,  the election is over and despite all, covid19 is still with us. I hope we are all doing fairly well. I have not heard of  any members coming down with this virus, so lets keep it that way for the future. 
The VNA officers and board members had a board meeting to discuss items pertinent to the club on January30,2021 via zoom. It was brought up that due to the cancellation of the convention last Sept.,2020, and that dues do not cover the costs of printing and mailing the Va. Numismatist, we need to raise the dues for all. It has been quite some time since the club has raised the dues, and it was determined that per member the costs for printing and mailing the "hard" copies of the Virginia Numismatist is over $15. The board decided to raise the dues for members receiving "hard" copies of the magazine to $18 per member, those receiving only the electronic copy of the magazine $12 per year. Club membership will be $18 per year or $12 for only electronic copy of the magazine, family  dues will be $25 per or $15 for only electronic copies of the magazine. Junior membership has been raised to $3 per with only electronic copy of the magazine. It is necessary to do this at this time due to the situation with the epidemic and its effects on the club, and those active members will be able to attend the convention each day the show is open to the public an hour early.
We are assuming at this time, that the epidemic will be under control by September, for the convention in Fredericksburg, so we are making necessary plans for the convention. I would like to continue with the excellent efforts by Moore Gouldman and Billy Hoovler, to get more exhibits for the show , and we will be contacting the ANA to see if we can coerce ANA judges to attend the convention.  
Due to the financial shortfall for the club, a suggestion was made that if any member would be interested in donating to the club, it would be greatly appreciated. Finances are tight and any financial help would be helpful.
On a sad note, I have to make all aware of the passing of one of our preeminent members; an authority on east Asian numismatics, a board member of the VNA in the past, an author of articles in both the ANA Numismatist and the Va Numismatist and longtime dealer in the Richmond area, Gerald Schmidt. His coin shop was the place to be for over 20 years, and he was a true Virginia gentleman who will be sorely missed. He died on 1/24/21.  The VNA is setting up a memorial fund in Gerald Schmidt's  name to be used exclusively for numismatic education, and we have a donor who has pledged to match contributions for this fund to the total of $5000. If donations are to be made , please indicate so on the check to the VNA, so we can take advantage of the matching funds. 
It is my hope that we will all be able to get back to normality in the near future. Stay safe and well.



Greetings! There will be a VNA Convention this year. Please make plans to attend and support the VNA.Be sure to check out the updated Youth Activities Page!

 The Coin Show page has been updated and the President's message is online.  Much is changing in our state and neighboring states as far as easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Lodging for the VNA Convention is posted .  At this point, most shows are to be held.

When you read the President's  message, please keep our members who are in poor health in your thoughts and  prayers. 



The Convention  is almost here. There is important information on the dealers, dealer locations, Youth activities and exhibit information. Check it out  on the 2021 Convention page.

Please come join us, have fun, enjoy the dealers, the speakers, the Youth Program (Youth Page), the Banquet and know that we are happy to have a Convention and happy to see you!


The VNA was saddened to hear of the passing of Andy Garrison on July 24th, 2021. Mr. Garrison had been ill for some time. He was an active  member of local and regional VNA Clubs and was an active participant at the VNA Convention. Our sympathy goes out to this family.


Please check the Coin Show Calendar Page. We have added some shows, plus more areas are opening for club meetings and show venues. Hopefuly this will continue.

President’s Message


Due to COVID it has been nearly two years since we could safely host the annual VNA convention.  Bourse Chairman, Richard Schornak, VNA Officers/Board Members, and myself, are working hard to set up this year's (62nd, if my calculations are correct) annual VNA Convention at the Expo Center in Fredericksburg, on September 23rd through 26th, 2021.  We need educational presentations, numismatic exhibits, and we really need your assistance all during the show.  We need help setting up the hall on the morning of Thursday, September 23rd, and help getting dealers in at 1:00 PM.  We need help at the registration desk all through the show.  We also need help cleaning up Sunday afternoon, and help with dealers to get them out and on their way home.  We are very much ahead of previous year dealer attendance counts and are still getting requests for tables.  We ask for your participation in numismatic exhibits and educational lectures.  We have an excellent banquet planned, with Mike Beall (ancient coin expert) to speak on Saturday night, September 25th, after the show finishes for the day.  We want everyone to have a great show.  I ask all to be aware of their surroundings and be vigilant to prevent theft.  Security will be present 24-hours-a-day during the show.  All this depends on the COVID situation at show time and we will abide by any restrictions imposed by local, state and national authorities.


The VNA is soliciting donations for the Gerald Schmidt Memorial Education Fund which will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $5000, before the end of September 2021, so please donate now to this worthy cause.  Please note Gerald Schmidt Memorial on your tax-deductible donation check.  On a sad note, we remember Andy Garrison, a dealer at many of our local, and national shows, and a loyal member of the VNA, who passed away while getting material for the Annandale show a couple weeks ago.  He cannot be replaced.  He was a personable and very knowledgeable collector and dealer. 


Elections happen again this year.  Ballots for positions and banquet reservation forms will be sent out with show announcements in August or September, so please vote.  I hope we will have a successful and safe VNA convention in September and hope to see many of you at the show.


Parry Bragg - VNA President