Please keep me advised of scheduled shows and cancellations in order to have them posted on the website.

Right now , this site is a work in progress,. We will have more news for you shortly. 




Thiis an FYI to all members of the VNA from Thomas Kays. Parry Bragg's and I believe Tom Kay's email was hacked last year and the scammers are emailing people and asking them to buy gift cards in their names. According to Tom Kays , their grammar has improved. Please be very cautious when dealing with your emails and only open those from people that you trust. 

Parry Bragg asked me to pass along this news of the passing of a LIFE MEMBER, Dr. Donald Roberts of Ronoke, Virginia.  Dr. Roberts passed away this summer. He was active in the  VNA as was his father , who was at one time the Editor of The Virginia Numismatist.Our sympathies go out to his family at his passing. 


President's message from  Parry Bragg:

Well,  the election is over and despite all, covid19 is still with us. I hope we are all doing fairly well. I have not heard of  any members coming down with this virus, so lets keep it that way for the future. 
The VNA officers and board members had a board meeting to discuss items pertinent to the club on January30,2021 via zoom. It was brought up that due to the cancellation of the convention last Sept.,2020, and that dues do not cover the costs of printing and mailing the Va. Numismatist, we need to raise the dues for all. It has been quite some time since the club has raised the dues, and it was determined that per member the costs for printing and mailing the "hard" copies of the Virginia Numismatist is over $15. The board decided to raise the dues for members receiving "hard" copies of the magazine to $18 per member, those receiving only the electronic copy of the magazine $12 per year. Club membership will be $18 per year or $12 for only electronic copy of the magazine, family  dues will be $25 per or $15 for only electronic copies of the magazine. Junior membership has been raised to $3 per with only electronic copy of the magazine. It is necessary to do this at this time due to the situation with the epidemic and its effects on the club, and those active members will be able to attend the convention each day the show is open to the public an hour early.
We are assuming at this time, that the epidemic will be under control by September, for the convention in Fredericksburg, so we are making necessary plans for the convention. I would like to continue with the excellent efforts by Moore Gouldman and Billy Hoovler, to get more exhibits for the show , and we will be contacting the ANA to see if we can coerce ANA judges to attend the convention.  
Due to the financial shortfall for the club, a suggestion was made that if any member would be interested in donating to the club, it would be greatly appreciated. Finances are tight and any financial help would be helpful.
On a sad note, I have to make all aware of the passing of one of our preeminent members; an authority on east Asian numismatics, a board member of the VNA in the past, an author of articles in both the ANA Numismatist and the Va Numismatist and longtime dealer in the Richmond area, Gerald Schmidt. His coin shop was the place to be for over 20 years, and he was a true Virginia gentleman who will be sorely missed. He died on 1/24/21.  The VNA is setting up a memorial fund in Gerald Schmidt's  name to be used exclusively for numismatic education, and we have a donor who has pledged to match contributions for this fund to the total of $5000. If donations are to be made , please indicate so on the check to the VNA, so we can take advantage of the matching funds. 
It is my hope that we will all be able to get back to normality in the near future. Stay safe and well.


James C. Ruerhmund

James C. Ruehrmund, of Richmond, past president and Life Member of the Virginia Numismatic Association passed away today, February 18th, 2021 at the age of 94.   Jim received an American Numismatic Association Presidential Award in 2020 and served as past editor of The Virginia Numismatist.  The Richmond Times Dispatch ran a profile of James C. Ruehrmund written by Betsy Powell in 1987 that was reprinted in The Virginia Numismatist, Volume 23, Number 2, March 1987, now archived on the Newman Numismatic Portal, and excerpted here.


Jim Ruehrmund has a long history of fascination for the Civil War.  “When I was a little boy, I had a collection of coins and various kinds of paper currency, which had come down through the family,” he said, pulling out an 1874 25-cent note that belonged to his grandfather, James R Sheppard.  “He walked to Richmond from Glen Allen.  He came to Richmond to seek his fortune.” Reuhrmund explained the origin of the note called a shin plaster.  Ever since this small piece of rag paper was passed on to him, he has been hooked on Virginia History and Confederate money.  A Richmond native, Reuhrmund’s Virginia roots go back to the early 17th century on his mother’s side and 1882 on his father’s side, all having settled within 50 miles of Richmond. Jim attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the Naval Academy, was commissioned an officer in 1947; he retired from the Navy in 1969.  He served as a division director for the State Air Pollution Control Board taking early retirement in 1984. “And I thought I was retired,” Reuhrmund said, laughing as he listed his current involvements. He has just started his second year [1987] as president of the Virginia Numismatic Association, a statewide coin collector’s organization with approximately 400 members. His office includes planning the annual state coin show, held the [last] weekend of September. “Getting ready for these shows is a major operation,” he remarked, beginning to settle down again after what he called a hectic, but successful weekend.  Since his retirement, he has also been working one day a week at the Museum of the Confederacy, trying to catalogue and inventory the Confederate currency in their collection.  His wife Elsie is a trustee of the museum.  He also belongs to the Richmond Rotary Club, the Civil War Round Table and Sons of Confederate Veterans. He gave talks at the United Daughters of the Confederacy and various chapters of the state coin club.  He helped start the Tidewater Chapter in 1956. His interests ranged from ancient coins to paper money to Confederate Naval and military subjects. “I was fascinated with the war even as a little boy,” he said.  “I’d get my mother to walk me down to where some of the old vets lived, the area where the Virginia Museum is now.  They’d sit on benches on the central walkway and whittle sticks and chew tobacco.  Occasionally, I’d have a chance to talk to them.   He started laughing.  “My children act like I talked to Hector and Agamemnon, the heroes of the Trojan War.  It’s that remote to them.”  “But it’s something I treasure having done – a link with long ago.”




Tom Kays


Governor Ralph Northam has rescinded Article 72 for large gatherings. The Convention WILL

go on as scheduled. Let's all make plans to attend and make this one of the best conventions ever !

Another great note: The June FUN Show in Orlando FL in June will also be held. 


Greetings! There will be a VNA Convention this year. Please make plans to attend and support the VNA.Be sure to check out the updated Youth Activities Page!

 The Coin Show page has been updated and the President's message is online.  Much is changing in our state and neighboring states as far as easing of COVID-19 restrictions. I will have lodging for the VNA Convention posted shortly. There are still some cancellations for shows. 

When you read the President's  message, please keep our members who are in poor health in your thoughts and  prayers. 



President’s Message


The situation with the Covid virus is apparently lessening and worries of the past year seem to be lessening.  On April 30th of this year, the Officers and Board members of the VNA had a meeting to discuss the future of the organization.  We will hold our September 24-26, 2021 Convention (See the Coin Show Page) in  Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Richard Schornak, the bourse chairman for the convention, has been working hard to solicit dealers for the show and his efforts are working as we are receiving constant inquiries about the show and table applications.  The dealers and numismatic public seem to be eager for a show.  I am hoping to continue with the excellent exhibits as at the last convention, and with the numismatic lectures and youth activities as in the past.  For the show and related activities to be a success we will need volunteers to help set up the hall, staff the reception table, help security and be able to help the dealers leave in an orderly fashion on Sunday afternoon.  Despite lessening worry about the virus we will still be requiring some health screening restrictions depending on the Virginia Governor's orders.


A number of issues were discussed at the board meeting, including the formation of the Gerald Schmidt Memorial Education fund to honor the memory of Jerry Schmidt, a past officer of the VNA, author, long time coin dealer in the Richmond area and an authority on Asian numismatics.  An anonymous individual has pledged to match donations dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $5000 by the end of September 2021.  Please indicate “Gerald Schmidt Memorial” on your tax-deductible gift checks to the VNA, so we can take advantage of the matching funds.  People like Jerry Schmidt will be impossible to replace.  The VNA is still going strong but contributions to the club are still helpful for us to be in a good financial situation for the future, and all contributions are tax deductible.


My thoughts and prayers are extended to the recovery and continued health and activity in the VNA of members who are having medical issues: Charles Garber, Bill Scott, Ginny and Doug Bowers, and Moore Gouldman.  We need you.  Get well as soon as possible.


We also note the passing of a LIFE MEMBER, Dr. Donald Roberts of Roanoke, Virginia.  Dr. Roberts passed away this summer.  He was active in the VNA as was his father, who was at one time the Editor of The Virginia Numismatist. Our sympathies go out to his family at his passing.


I hope you are well and stay that way, and I hope to see many of our members at the convention and banquet in September.


Parry Bragg - VNA President


The Annandale Show will be held and there will be a show in Winchester, VA on July 16th. See the Coin Show Page for Details.  also, check out the youth Page next week. I will have it updated and the Convention page will have lots of new information. 


There will be a final Board of Directors meeting on August 29th at 12:00 at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant in Richmond. All are welcome to attend.  This meeting is to finalize plans for the VNA Convention.