Please keep me advised of cancellations in order to have them posted on the website.



Please check the Coin Show Web Sites and the links on this site for shows that not are VNA  or VNA sponsored shows for more information. 

At the VNA Convention on Sept. 23 - 24, 2020, the ANA offers a two-day class on Classic Fakes and Chinese Counterfeit Coins. The cost for ANA and VNA members is $250.00, but for non-ANA or VNA members, $350.00. Our instructor will be Brian Silliman, an excellent instructor in the past. We need to have 22 persons attending in order to hold the class. For $10.00 per year, or $25.00 for 3 years, you can become a VNA member and save $100.00 on the cost of the class. Please let a VNA Officer know if you would be interested in attending. The class will run from 9:00 AM to approximately 5:00 PM.  Some VNA clubs will provide a stipend to help defray the cost of the class and some  will pay the entire  tuition. Check with your club when you next meet. If VNA clubs and members get behind this, we should be able to get enough members to make this class successful.





Due to the COVID-19 virus and state regulations regarding large groups, we have had many  coin show cancelDations. Please check the 2020 Coin Show Page for a partial listing.  I have posted them on this page as well.





We are priviledged to announce our featured speaker for the VNA Banquet on Saturday night,  Steven Ellsworth, President of the ANA.  Mr Ellsworth will also be attending the convention as a dealer. 


The August 8th Monticello Coin Club show has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts resulting from the COVID19-virus.


The next scheduled VNA Board Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 16th

at 12:00 PM at the Pickel Barrel Restaurant in Richmond Va. The address

is: 12912 Plaza Drive, Richmond, VA., 23233. All VNA Officers and VNA members are welcome to attend. The final convention decision will be made at this time. 

See below for the next VNA Board Meeting date. The convention is coming up and at last we are able to meet and make plans. The final date to make a decision will be at the next Board Meeting on August 16. This is entirely dependent on the Governor of Virginia and where we are regarding the COVID-19 virus. Please check the entire home page for new information on coin show cancellations. 


As of now, the 2020 VNA Convention is still going to be held. 

Make plans to attend.  We are still planning on the convention.

The ANA class has been canceled due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.


The October 10 - 11th  Tidewater/ Virginia Beach Coin Show has been cancelled due to the Governor's restriction of no more than 50 people at a gathering,

The August 15th-16th  Salem/Roanoke Valley Coin Show  has been cancelled due to the Governor's restriction regarding the COVID Virus and gatherings of more than 50 people.

President’s Message

Well, a lot has occurred since my last message in The Virginia Numismatist. As far as I know no members of the VNA have come down with COVID-19. I can’t predict the future but the VNA board is continuing to plan to hold the VNA convention in September 2020. We want to continue the excellent educational exhibits as seen last year, and maybe improve on them this year. Richard Schornak and I are bourse chairman and we will be contacting dealers for about the show. We have had some success already.


One thing I wish to emphasize to the VNA membership is that the American Numismatic Association (ANA) has cancelled all their 2020 summer session of classes in Colorado. This presents an opportunity for the VNA to increase attendance at the 62nd Annual VNA Convention, Coin & Currency Show in September, if the VNA gets at least twenty-two attendees to sign up for and take the ANA Counterfeit Detection: Classic Fakes and Chinese-made Counterfeits Class offered in Fredericksburg. We may draw attendees that were unable to take the class in Colorado. The cost for this ANA class is $350 for non-ANA members and $250 for VNA or ANA members. We are still planning on the usual educational lectures, the youth auctions, Boy Scouts of America merit badge class, and homeschoolers day. I have invited a well-known numismatist to be our Banquet speaker and am waiting for a confirmation before we announce our after-dinner speaker.


So, at this point all is proceeding as planned for the convention, but everything depends on the status of COVID-19 travel restrictions and authorization to hold large gatherings. The VNA must follow direction from local, state, and federal governments as regards the possibility of having the convention. Please keep me informed about any members coming down with COVID-19 and try to stay safe.




Stay safe and Thanks,


Parry Bragg - VNA President