Please keep me advised of cancellations in order to have them posted on the website.




I will soon be posting the 2021 shows. Many are listed on club pages and in The Numismatist. Please check those pages. 

 The Summer edition of The Virginia Numismatist   (now posted online) has much information regarding cancellations and parties to contact.Please utilize both of these assets to keep current with the latest  show cancellations.  We are really trying to keep you updated on the latest events, but as you have seen, they frequently are changing. Thanks to Tom Kays, editor of The Numismatist for his updates.

Please be aware that situations change from day to day and we are doingthe best we can to keep you updated with the most current information.

Please be aware that some of the information in The Numismatist has changed. The information online today, December 7, is the most current information that I have.



   We are saddened to tell you that our friend, coin dealer and coin show chairman, Rusty Williams, has lost his dear wife, Portia. Mrs. Williams had been ill for some time and we share our sympathy with Rusty.


Please check the Coin Show Calendar for the latest cancellations  that I have received. I will try my best to keep it updated.  This applies to VNA and sponsored shows. These on the 2020 COIN SHOW page are the latest cancellations.  Also, check the latest copy of The Numismatist, which is online.

Some of the sponsored clubs are undecided and it depends on the situation  at the time of the show. That has been noted on the 2020 COIN SHOW page.

Parry Bragg, President of the VNA, wants all members to know that James Ruehmund, who suffered a stroke several years ago , has suffered another major stroke. Mr Ruehmund is well known to older members of the VNA. He was the recipient of the Krause Ambassador Award in years past. He mentored published author David Shenckman, was an authority on ancient coins,  was the previous editor of The Virginia Numismatist,  and a former officer of the VNA.

The VNA, as well as the officers, would appreciate your keeping Mr. Ruehrmund in your thoughts and prayers .

I have just gotten a message from Parry Bragg, President of the Virginia Numismatic Association. Parry states that the 61st President of the American Numismatic Asociation, Col. Steven Ellsworth, has presented Mr. James Ruehrmund the Presidential Award for his dedicated service to the Numismatic Family. This award is quite an honor and this gentleman is very deserving of it. 

Once again, our thoughts and prayers are with the Ruehrmund family at this difficult time.


Thiis an FYI to all members of the VNA from Thomas Kays. Parry Bragg's email was hacked last year and the scammers are emailing people and asking them to buy gift cards in his name. According to Tom Kays , their grammar has improved. Please be very cautious when dealing with your emails and only open those from people that you trust. 

Parry Bragg asked me to pass along this news of the passing of a LIFE MEMBER, Dr. Donald Roberts of Ronoke, Virginia.  Dr. Roberts passed away this summer. He was active in the  VNA as was his father , who was at one time the Editor of The Virginia Numismatist.Our sympathies go out to his family at his passing. 


Fall President's Message

This has been an unusual and hard year for active numismatists, and hopefully this will also be ending soon. In the fall the officers and board members made a difficult decision to suspend the Sept. VNA Convention, primarily to preclude the loss of all moneys to be paid to the Fredericksburg Convention Center. I was all for continuing the show but not at the cost of bankrupting the VNA. We are already actively working on the 2021 convention.

I want to update the members re: Jim Ruerhmund’s status. As you all may know, he suffered a stroke 10-15 years ago, paralyzing his left side. He was able to recover some motion and activity, but recently suffered another stroke. He is recovering from this at this time. I want to congratulate him on receiving the ANA Presidents award


I started collecting coins in the 1960s, after meeting the requirements for the Boy Scout coin collecting merit badge. In my troop, Troop20, about 8-10 of us were working on that badge at the same time, one of whom was Donnie Roberts. His father later became member of the VNA and was for some time the editor of the Virginia Numismatist. Life member Donnie Roberts passed away in July of this year, my condolences to his family.

My hopes are that all of us will be able to get together some time in the next year, and that the holidays coming up soon will be happy for all. Stay safe and well.


Additional  Message from Parry Bragg:



The VNA elections for 2020 have been tabulated and the results are that the VNA membership has returned the Board members up for reelection, and have added 2 new Board members : Carl Hornberger and Jim Ianuzi. I hope that finally having a Board member from the western part of Va will add to membership, and bring in more positive feedback from the west. Even though there were no candidates running against each other, it is positive that we received almost 80 ballots. Thank you .

Parry Bragg






Despite all the cancelled  shows and all the sadness, let us remember the blessings we have in this holiday season .