David Schenkman's Virginia Token Book



Praise for the David Schenkman Token and Scrip Book

From VNA President Chris Maniscalco:
Steve Cawood is the president of the National Scrip Collectors Association. I thought you might want to see this email I just received.

Dave,  your revision of Virginia Tokens is beautiful, and so well done! It is the finest book on tokens, the finest catalogue of tokens, I have ever seen! I have heard you brag about Eric's work on it(though I don't honestly understand who's done what!), but whomever is due the credit for the various parts, you two have outdone yourselves! Kudos!  Steve


David Schenkman's Virginia Tokens book is now available from Wayne Herndon exclusively. He has  the remaining books and if you wish to purchase one, or a box (If you are a dealer) please contact Wayne Herndon at Wayne Herndon's Rare Coins or Wizard Coins in Chantilly, VA.