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The below listed reports are from the Numismatic Crime Information Center. Coin dealers are being targeted across the country. Once you place your inventory in the car, do your best not to stop anywhere until you get to your final destination. If possible, travel with someone in the same car or travel two cars together so if you have to stop, one can remain with the vehicles. Watch your mirrors regularly to see if someone appears to be following you. Contact local law enforcement to report suspicious vehicles or persons at shows or on the highway. Stay safe! 


Houston Dealer Victim of Vehicle Burglary


A Houston, Texas dealer was the victim of a vehicle burglary that resulted in

the loss of over $20,000 in coins. The victim had picked up the coins from his

bank and was enroute

to a numismatic event. When the victim stopped for

just a few minutes leaving his vehicle unattended, unknown suspects smashed

the windows and removed the coins.

The following coins were stolen:

1896 B Swiss Gold 20 Franc 3 stars in front of face MS63 Certified 1913

Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder MS66 Certified 1875 Netherlands Gold 10 Guilder

MS66 Certified 1881 Spain Gold 25 Peseta MS62 Certified 1866 Australian

Sydney Sovereign AU58 Certified 1914D

Lincoln cent EF40 Certified 1929

Standing Liberty Quarter MS65 Certified 1878 8TF Morgan Dollar MS65

Certified 1878 7/8 TF Morgan Dollar MS64 Strong Certified 1883CC


Dollar MS63 Certified 1884CC

Morgan Dollar MS64 Certified 1892CC


Dollar MS63 Certified 1899P

Morgan Dollar MS63 Certified 1884O


Dollar MS65 Certified 1879S

Morgan Dollar MS65 Certified 1893S


Dollar Fine Uncertified

Dealer Victim of Vehicle Burglary San Diego,CA


A dealer, who had left the recent Long Beach Show, was the victim of a vehicle

burglary when he stopped in a residential area in San Diego and left his

vehicle unattended in a driveway for approximately 1015min.


$40,000 in slabbed coins was taken.

The following is a partial list of stolen coins:

1877 quarter PCGS 64, 1861O

half PCGS cleaned Unc Details, 1869 half PCGS

Proof 64, 1938D

half PCGS 64, 1799 dollar PCGS 25, 1877S

Trade dollar

NGC 62, 1894 dollar PCGS 35, 1900S

dollar PCGS 64, 1928 dollar PCGS 63,

1914 quarter eagle PCGS 62, 1927 quarter eagle PCGS 63, 1908 with Motto

eagle PCGS 61, plus 100 other slabs.

$80,000 Loss After Dalton Show


Thomas Gintz ,owner, of A&E Coins in Dover,Ohio was traveling home after

the Dalton show and was the victim of a vehicle burglary that occurred in

Lenoir City, TN. Stolen was approximately $80,000 in coins and cash.

The following is a list of stolen coins: 260 AUUNC

Peace Dollars @ $22.00 ea.,

4 oz Proof US Gold @ $1321.00 + 150.00 = 1471.00 ea., 2 1

oz 2016 Gold

Maple Leafs @ $1351.00, 2 1

oz 2016 Gold Buffalos @ $1366.00, 1 Toronto

$10 Note, Date back, 2 1929

Dalton Notes @ $450.00 ea., 1889 CC Morgan

Dollar XF, 1909 S VDB Cent VF, 1915 $10 Gold Indian AU, 1885 CC Morgan $

XF, 1817 over 13 Bust Half Fine, 1851 C $5 Gold AU, 1859 $3 Gold XF, 1864

UNC Indian Head Cent, Lot of US Coins, 1924 MS64 $20 Gold NGC 634387055009,

1914 S $20 Gold UNC, Large Lot of US Silver Dollars and Mixed

Type Coins, 1904 $2 1/2 Liberty MS66, PCGS 81659973, 1825 Bust Quarter

MS64 NGC, 1847 C $2 1/2 Gold, 1798 Large Cent, Lot of Mixed US Coins,

1835 $5 Gold pc MS60 SEGS, Spanish Trail 50 Cent pc PCGS MS65, $5 Gold

Coin Slabbed,

$2 1/2 Gold Coin, $10 Gold Coin AU, 1854 Type 1 $1 Gold

Coin, 6 Mixed

$2 1/2 US Indian Head Gold Coins, 4 Rolls 1963 D Franklin

Half Dollars BU @ $190.00 ea., 1 Roll 1953 Franklin Half Dollars BU, 1 Roll

1948 Franklin Half Dollars BU, 1 Roll 19532 Franklin Half Dollars BU, 1879 CC

GSA Morgan


2016..... The 58th VNA Convention begins.....

Bourse Chairman, John Cunningham and VNA President , Chris Maniscalso



Jeff Garrett, President of the ANA, was our featured speaker. He is receiving an award from Outgoing President Chris Maniscalco.

Jeff Garret presents an award to  our incoming president,  Parry Bragg

We are also honored to have in our state club, a governor of the ANA, Col. Steven Ellsworth, shown here with ANA President, Jeff Garrett, Chris Maniscalso and Parry Bragg. 


The passing of the gavel. Outgoing President Chris Maniscalso handing over the reins to our new President, Parry Bragg

Officers and Directors present at the banquet L to R : Joe Riggs, Director; John Kolos, Treasurer; Dave Ellison, Secretary; Parry Bragg, President and Billy Hoovler, Director. 



Gregg Coburn receives a well deserved

award as Floor Bourse Chaiman.

Jen Coburn, Gregg's wife, receives as well a well deserved award as Gregg's right hand and capable asistant.

Bob Ayers receiving an award for all his hard work advertising the VNA Convention.

Billy Hoovler, receiving his award as

Exhibits Chairman. Billy was called in at the last minute, to do this job. 


Andrew and Alynne Scrabalak receive a special award for their generous contributions toward furthering

numismantic growth in the VNA.

Judy Pollock is our new Database Manager. We geatly appreciate her help.


Best in Show

Heavenly Gold

 Michael Shutterly

First Place

In the Beginning when Man Created Coins

Michael Shutterly

Second Place

Engraved Coins as Judeo-Christian or Neo-Pagan


Simcha Kurzinsky



People's Choice / Ballot Box Award

A Moment in a Coin Collector's Life

Gregg Coburn

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Inroduction to Large Cents

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